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To Improve the Scouting Program for all Scouting Units.

1812 War Re-enactment

Gourmet Cooking

Fly Fishing
Keep Your Unit's Scouting Experience Fresh and Fun!
Our troop does some pretty cool things...

...However, we've experienced that the older Scouts start participating less and less because they have "done this before" or "been to that". When challenging them with statement... "Hey this is your troop. What do you want to do?" I've often gotten blank stares back or shoulder shrugs and a comment "I don't know". Sound familiar? The plain truth is that Scouts really don't know what they want to do. They need some help in the 'Idea Department".

Sooo... how do we provide them the ideas?

I started talking with the other troop's leaders and learned that they had similar issues. I also learned that they do some pretty interesting things! They went to places that my troop hadn't been to and they did activities that we haven't done. It would be pretty awesome for my troop to do some of those things. When I shared some of these ideas with my Scout planning team, they agreed that those things would be pretty cool to do.

How do units share what they do and discover what other troops do?

How do we facilitate the sharing of these ideas between troops, packs and crews? Round Tables! Right!? Well, that is what they are designed for correct?! Yet, Scouts don't go to them. So, where can the Scout planning teams go to get inspired? If only there was a place each troop can simply post what they have done. And a place where Scout Planning teams could get ideas from what others have done! Units could learn about the activities done by one troop to provide ideas for what could be done in their own troop.

Fulfilling this opportunity became the foundation for
ScoutShare invites you to also share what your unit does and use this resource as place where your planning team can get ideas, contact information, see some pictures and more.

Let us all work together to improve Scouting for all Scouts... For each of our units. Scouting is an amazing program. Let's make it even more amazing!

Share your Adventure!

To be successful in helping all Scouting units provide an exceptional program, ScoutShare NEEDS YOU!  The more units and unit commissioners hat join the ScoutShare team, the more inspiring ideas will be available in our ScoutShare database of ideas and adventure.

What do I need to do?

Simple... Share what your unit does!

That's it...  Simply share what your unit does!  Where you go, what you do, the ceremonies you run, the skits your scouts perform, the wisdom given by your leaders.

We believe your unit does some pretty cool stuff!

How do I Share with ScoutShare?

Join the team!

We are inviting all units, unit commissioners, and Scouters to join our team of sharers.  Create an account, get approved and start adding shares. Don't worry, we'll help you do it.  And, you don't have to be a web developer or a software programmer to be a member.    


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Got something to share?

Become a ScoutShare member or simply send us an email to .

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