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Greater Vision - Scoutmaster Minute

Greater Vision - Scoutmaster Minute
David Madison
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Greater Vision - Scoutmaster Minute

What are you doing? It is usualy a matter of vision...

There once was a reporter who came upon a group of men working.  Thinking there might be a story here, he walked up to the first man and said:

"Excuse me sir, what are you doing?"

The man look up from his work and said gruffly,  "I'm laying brick."

The reporter continued on to a second man who also had brick in his hand and asked him the same question.

"Excuse me sir, what are you doing?"

The second man looked up with a neutral expression and said, "I'm building a wall."

The reporter continued on to a third man who also had brick in his hand.  This man was singing and whistling a tune and had a huge smile on his face.

The reporter said to him:

"Excuse me sir, what are you doing?"

The man stopped his task, looked into the air, lift his arms high and said in a joyful voice:

We're building a Cathedral and it is going to be amazing!!


What about you? When you go to school, what are you doing? Just learning stuff? Studying to be a software engineer, or looking to develop medical software that will save lives.

What about your Scouting journey?  What are you doing here?  Some of you come to simply have fun. Go camping. Be with your friends.

That will eventually get old.

However if you can identify or discover something greater to be involved for, and that inspires you to do more, you will go further than you imagined. And get far more joy out of it.

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