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Scout Spirit: a definition to consider. - Scoutmaster Minute

Scout Spirit: a definition to consider. - Scoutmaster Minute
David Madison
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Scout Spirit: a definition to consider. - Scoutmaster Minute

As a Scout, you are constantly striving to uphold the ideals of the Scout Oath and Law. One of the most important aspects of being a Scout is embodying the spirit of Scouting.

But what exactly does that mean?


Scout Spirit: To give to others the gift of service. To serve without the desire of payment. This service without payment will be re-paid with a payment that is priceless... The gift of joy.


The Scout Spirit is a difficult concept to define, but it is essentially the embodiment of all that is good and virtuous. It encompasses the principles of the Scout Oath and Law, including honesty, loyalty, kindness, and respect. It is the embodiment of the Scout's commitment to serving others without the desire for payment.

As a Scouter, it is your responsibility to instill this spirit in your Scouts. You must lead by example and show them what it means to truly serve others.

When we serve others, we must grow our character to serve others without the desire for payment.  This selflessness is the key to true happiness and fulfillment.  By giving without the desire for payment, you will be given a payment that is priceless; the gift of joy.  

When you serve others, you are not only helping them, but you are also helping yourself. You are fostering a sense of community and creating a better world for everyone. As Scouts, we have a duty to serve others and to embody the Scout Spirit.  And when doiong so, we are setting an example that will inspire others to become better people and to make a positive impact on the world.

So, let us all strive to embody the Scout Spirit and to serve others without the desire for payment. Let us give the gift of joy and make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.

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