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Estimation Games

Estimation Games
Dave1 Madison
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Estimation Games

How big? How long? How heavy?

In this meeting, the scouts will be challeged with different estimation games. Length: Height, Width, long. Weight. Distance. Use items that are around the place where your unit meets. For the length challenges, have objecs at different distances away. The objects can be of different sizes and shapes and colors. Have the scouts estimate how long, wide or tall they are. How big is the room they are in? How long and wide. How high is the ceiling. Have another challenge outside your meeting place and estimate how tall a building or tree is. How are away is the road or tree or car. For the weight challenges, have the scouts enter another room so they don't see the items to be questioned about. Have items of different material and densities. How heavy is a pound of feathers? or a pound of gold? You can have a challenge which asks which is heavier... A or B.

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