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Reap and Sow

Reap and Sow
David Madison
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Reap and Sow

In order to get the reward, we usually have to work hard to get it.

We all want to get the big prize.

You see your favorite actor, actress, or band and are in awe.

What about the captain of your football team or soccer team? Do you sometimes look at them say I could do that. Why is he the captain? Why is she getting that award or recognition? Why is their business so successful?

What about another situation? When it comes to building a team? Or a school? Or a family? Or a church?

Why does Billy have so many cool gadgets?
Why is that team so successful?
Why is she always getting A's?
Why is he always getting to lead?

It is easy to 'dislike' them because they are successful, popular, or have more gadgets.  Becareful with that line of thinking.  Likely, they have worked hard, or have been doing it longer or simply, volunteered to do things more than others so they have the experience to do it well.


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