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What is the meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of Life?
David Madison
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What is the meaning of Life?

When you find it, you will find Joy beyond expectation.

I beleive that Life is about mission. About adopting the value of service to others and finding the joy in helping others.  A Christian would say, the meaning of life is to become like Jesus.  And, I beleive there is great wisdom in that.  If you look at who Jesus is.  Or, if you're not a Christian yourself, if you look at who the Christians say Jesus is and what he did, I believe you'll agree in principle.

Jesus examplified service to others, he exemplified 'love' and he taught others to also love others.  In doing so, those he taught found joy and fulfillment in doing it.

And as soon as you can understand that, you will experience joy and fulfillment beyond what you can imagine.

What is more important? Building an awesome Resume? OR Building an awesome Eulogy?

Would you rather have on your resume or even tombstone?  'He was a great engineer' or he was an 'inspiration to young men'.

He was a great father?  He was a great husband? He loved like Jesus?

I tell you, the time that you catch the joy, is when you start serving others.... And in doing so, you'll find the meaning of life.

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