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Key Skills of Scouting

Key Skills of Scouting
David Pinto
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Key Skills of Scouting

Summary Sheet and Campout Plan

As part of my Woodbadge ticket, I decided to compile a list of "The Key Skills of Scouting"  

These are the skills that every older Scout should have "at the ready" but that are sometimes forgotten as they move through the higher ranks.

The list is completely unofficial and highly subjective.  It is based mostly on the rank requirements leading to First Class as well as several campfire discussions with other Eagle Scouts.

In addition to the list, I have also designed a "Scout Skills Boot Camp" overnight activity.  The campout is designed to give older scouts an opportunity to review and teach the Key Skills to younger scouts using the EDGE method.

I would very much welcome comments and suggestions for improvements to both the list and the activity. 

The links go to shared Google Doc pdf files

Key Skills of Scouting

Key Skills Boot Camp

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David PintoDavid Pinto

ASM Troop 167 Pittsford

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