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Scavenger Hunt for Patrols via Remote Scouting

Scavenger Hunt for Patrols via Remote Scouting
Mark Sowden
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Scavenger Hunt for Patrols via Remote Scouting

Patrols are to find these items as quickly as possible

From National Capital area council (DC/Baltimore)

Here is an activity with which troops can challenge your patrols in a remote meeting. The challenge... the patrols are all given the same list of items to find in their homes. They are challenged to find as many of the items as they can in the time frame given. The time limit should be such that it forces the patrol to divide the list among their patrol members to gather these as fast as they can.


  • Gather as many of the items as the patrol can in the time limit.
  • The patrol with the most items found in the shortest amount of time wins.
  • Each item is only counted once.
  • Don't give the patrols guidance. Leave this to them to figure out how to accomplish the task.


Instructions for the Leader.


Utilizing the capabilities of the video conferencing system you use, put Patrol members into sub-conferences by patrol. In the Zoom system, for example, use Breakout rooms. Before sending them into their break out rooms, give them them the following instructions.

Your patrol is given the challenge of finding, in you households, the items on this list.
Patrols will be sent to your patrol break out room to work together to complete the task
If you find all the items, you may call the host into your break out room to verify what has been found.
At 4 minutes, you will be given a 1 minute warning that you have 60 seconds remaining before the time is up.
At the 5 minute mark, an ASM will join your break out room to count the number of items the patrol has found.
To be counted, the items must be on the table in front of the camera.

Run 2

Run the challenge again with the second set of items. This time, allow the patrol 2 minutes to make a plan on how to accomplish the task.

Do not show them the second list until they've had their planning session

At about the 2 minute mark, send the ASMs into the patrol break out rooms to present the 2nd list and start the contest timer.

This event had a $5 Amazon e-gift card to every member of winning team.


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