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The Candy Line - Scoutmaster Minute

The Candy Line - Scoutmaster Minute
David Madison
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The Candy Line - Scoutmaster Minute

Who will you meet when waiting in the candy line? (A Scout is Friendly)

The title of this scoutmaster minute is ‘the Candy Line’… and you’ll see why in a minute… This past weekend, our troop along with a bunch of other troops from the US and from Canada went to Ft. George Ontario Canada to participate in an annual event that is put on by the Scout Brigade of Ft. George. It is a weekend to commemorate the war of 1812: the battle between the US and the British over land.

We enlisted as US soldiers, learned how to drill and march and battle the way they did in 1812. We wore period uniforms and had a great time re-enacting the war.

But I contend to you, this event was not about celebrating the war. What was it about??? It was about what happened in the Candy Line.

A Scout is Friendly – The fourth point of the scout law… This past weekend we went to Ft. George, Ontario Canada… Our friends to the north. We went there to participate in the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. But let me ask you, is that really the point of the trip? Was it really to celebrate the war?


No. It is a celebration of the relationship that we as two countries have developed because of the war.

There were about 1000 US scouts and 2000 Canadian scouts.

Providing opportunities for individuals in the two countries to learn more about each other, to share stories and experiences and to become closer friends.

How do you accomplish this? By being friendly.

Did any of you who went foster this opportunity to be friendly?

  1. One Scout was talking with a Canadian scout in the candy line.
  2. Another Scout and I were talking with two scouts in the candy line.
  3. Another Scout and I then were talking with a young scout looking to trade patches.
  4. How about playing Frisbee with scouts from other troops.
  5. Many of our troop members were interacting with the scout troops around us. For example: Troop 336, and a Pennsylvania troop.


When we are put in a situation like last week, take the extra effort to be friendly. It is simple. Say ‘Hi’. Ask them where they are from. If they’ve been there before. Where you’re from. Ask them about their troop, their rank, their schools, what sports they like…

If you give yourself a chance, you’ll be surprised at the depth of the conversation you’ll have in a candy line

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