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Knot Basics

Knot Basics
David Madison
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Knot Basics

Knot basics. Have the older scouts in your troop brush up on their EDGE skills by teaching the younger Scouts basic knots. Square knot, two half-hitches, tautline hitch, bowline, sheetbend, clove hitch, timber hitch. Remember that Scouting is a game with a purpose. Repetition is the way to help Scouts remeber any skill. Yet to keep it fun is the challenge. So, shake it up by haveing games and challenges to keep it fun. A patrol relay with all patrols behind a line and adult at the other end of the room who will pick a knot and watch the Scout tie the knot. To keep it fair and interesting, have the knot names in a bag. Each knot must be tied before the winner is declared. Have enough knots in the bag so that each scout in the patrol can go at least once. For smaller patrols, scouts can repeat until all the knots are tied. You can add additional challenges by having the scouts tie the knot blindfolded or behind their back.

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