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Diversity/Disability Obstacle Course

Diversity/Disability Obstacle Course
David Madison
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Diversity/Disability Obstacle Course

Physical Challenge Awereness

Diversity awareness is something that we all can improve upon.  Here is a simple and fun way to bring some awareness to Scouts who don't have physical challenges.

Create an obstacle course out of common things in a room.  You won't have to make these challenges extremely difficult.  Create the course with the mind that a patrol will be navigating the obsticals together.  Yet here is the catch.  Give each Scout in the patrol a restriction on one of their physical abilities that they have.  Here are some examples:

Cannot speak
Cannot see
Cannot use their hands
Tie one arm down
Cannot use a leg

Then, have them work together to get their entire patrol through the obstacle course.

The first time through, give them no instruction other than the restriction and that the entire patrol needs to make it through the course to complete the challenge. Start timing them right away.  

After, give them an opportunity to discuss what they experienced. And how they could improve.  Ask them questions like:

What were some challenges you experienced?

Did everyone make it through the course together?

Did you have difficulty communicating?

How could you improve the communication?

How did you help each other getting through the course?

How did you have to change your communication from what you are used to?

After their discussion, have them do the course again.  Change up the disabilities. 


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