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Leader's Crest

Leader's Crest
David Madison
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Leader's Crest


Some people might not have a family crest, but everyone knows what they are: a visual representation of that clan’s strengths. It’s something that explains the family.


Apply that same idea to leadership, and have everyone make a crest that represents the values, beliefs and ideas of a great leader.

Have them break the crest or coat of arms into four categories, leadership skills, values that help influence others, recent accomplishments and what you like most about scouting.


Which section was easiest?

Does anything there reveal something about you that others might not know?

Are the Scouting’s values reflected on the crest?


This game focuses on an often-overlooked leadership quality, alignment. It’s important to have your values align with your accomplishments and your patrol/unit’s values.


8 minute work

2 minute share

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