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Scout Skits, Songs and Stories

Scout Skits, Songs and Stories
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Scout Skits, Songs and Stories

A resource for Scouts and Scout Leaders looking for skits, songs and stories that keep the scout spirit at the forefront.

One of the challenges of being a new Scout leader, or even a challenge for those that have been around a while is finding appropriate skits, songs and stories - especially suitable for Cub Scouts.  Many of the songs and skits from years ago are simply not Scout-like anymore.  Included in this article is a link to a pdf full of skits, songs and stories appropriate for all ages. While this booklet might be best suited for Cubs even the oldest Scout will enjoy some of these classics.



Walk Da Plank
Emergency Broadcast System
Ship Ahoy
‘We Have No Skit'
How to Brush Your Teeth at Camp
Clean Silverware
The Lost Quarter
Can't Work in the Dark
Pirate Recruits
Invisible Bench
The Pirate and the Scout
Yard Sticks for Sale
Ugly Pumpkins


The Skeeters and the Bedbugs
Scouting Thunder
Trust Taylor
Home on The Range
Camp Socks
Down by The Bay
Down By The Bay
I Love to Go A Wandering
I Met a Bear
Alice The Camel
Boom Chicka Boom
This Scouting Light of Mine
One Finger, One Thumb
Be Kind to Your Cub Scouting Friends
The Ants Go Marching
Cub Scouting Spirit
My Bonnie
The More We Get Together
Scouting Vespers
The Grand Old Duke of York
Take Me Out To The Forest
Take Me Out To The Scout Camp
Hiking In The Woods
This Land is Your Land
If It’s Raining and You Know It
Scout Wetspers

Scout Stories

Pirate Voyage
Dark Suckers
Gloop Maker
Horrible Pirate
Purple Gorilla
Cricket and Cougar
How the Raccoon Got His Coat
Stone Soup
Giant Red Mouth
The Ghost of the Bloody Finger
The Unstoppable Coffin
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