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Sharpen your Saw - Scoutmaster Minute

Sharpen your Saw - Scoutmaster Minute
David Madison
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Sharpen your Saw - Scoutmaster Minute

Hone your skills to be the best you can.

A woodsman must keep his saw sharp to be able to cut efficiently, with less effort. Straighter. Truer.
A boxer must train.
A runner must run.
A pastor mud study the bible.
A teacher must prepare.
A martial artist must practice his kata.

How do you be the best you can be?  The best Scout, the best leader, the best at soccer, the best son... For the parents, the best parent?

Each of us must 'sharpen our saw'.

We must continue to tie a tautline hitch so that we stay good at it.

We must continue to lead in order to be a great leader.

We must serve others to be good servents and think of others not just our selves.

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