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Working together on documents remotely

Working together on documents remotely
David Madison

Working together on documents remotely

Google Apps like Docs, Sheets and Slides are very effective to work with others remotely

The problem

So, you need to review with your Patrol Leader's Council (PLC) the plan for your next meeting and you have team members who cannot get to your meeting location, but s/he is available to meet.

Maybe, you're a Committee Chairman and need to pull together your committee to talk about the budget for the next year, but you have committee members who are out of town.  

Or maybe, the COVID-19 virus has caused all public meeting places to be closed to reduce the spread of the disease! (Sound familiar?)

How do you share the plan or review the budget with your team when you cannot get them together?

A Solution - Google Apps

Google has developed a suite of software solutions similar to the popular Microsoft Office packages like Word, Excel and PowerPoint that provide similar functions: Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides respectively.

One important distinction from google's counterpart's solutions is that the are all online and free to use! They also provide an easy way for multiple to look at and even edit at the same time.  When more then one person are looking a the same document and have edit rights to the document, each will be able to see where the other person's cursor is and will see their changes as they make them to the document! This is very convenient when the two are on the phone talking with each other about the edits.  They can virtually work on the document toghether!

Now, apply this to a meeting where you have a group of people working on the same document.  Or you want to present the document to a group of folks when you have them in a virtual meeting through a facility like google hangouts or a WebEx session. (See the article on Remote meetings)

Google Docs

Google Docs provide the ability to create and edit documents with a rich-text editing experience with which most people have become familiar.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application that enables you to build robust spreadsheets.  It supports formating and formulas for autocalculations.  You'll enjoy similar functionality to Microsoft Excel.

Google Slides

Build presentations with Google Slides.  Like Microsoft PowerPoint, you can start with a template for style and color, add slides from a suite template layouts, incorporate images and text.

Google Drive

Once you've created any of these document types, you can store them in a folder on Google Drive.  Then share a document or an entire folder with your team.  Enable them to upload documents to a shared folder.

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