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Virtual Field Trips Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips

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UPDATED: Added link to the Dwight D Eisenhower Estate and Barn
Who doesn't love a field trip.  Going to a zoo, a historic place, a science museum... the types of adventures that a field trip provides are many. 

Night Geocaching Night Geocaching

Night Geocaching

Add a twist to the traditional geocache!

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Geocaching is a fun activity to get your Scouts outside and working together.  Who doesn't like a puzzle? Searching for something hidden based on a couple clues, some coordinates and GPS device.  Now, for a twist try this a night!

Destiny Mall Adventure Areas

Mirror Maze, Billy Beez Play Park, Indoor Ropes Course, Glow Golf, Escape Rooms, Museum of Intrigue, Shopping, Food, Fun

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The Destiny Mall in Syracuse, New York is a short drive down the through-way for a day of fun, food and adventure.  


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