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UU Eco-Challenge 2020

UU Eco-Challenge 2020
David Madison
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UU Eco-Challenge 2020

Eagle Scout Project - By Harley Pinto, Troop 167


Join Eagle Scout Candidate Harley Pinto in the battle against Climate Change by taking on the Drawdown EcoChallenge! The challenge runs from April 19th until May 31st, and is built to inspire people towards Climate Action by Educating us on issues surrounding climate change, spreading Awareness of what we can do to help, and Empowering us to do it! Join in on the action at! You can reach out to Harley at with comments or questions. It’s going to take all of us together to change the world!


During the project’s 6 week period, earning 100 points by completing EcoChallenges earns you an awesome project patch! Once you meet the patch requirements, you can purchase your patch here for $3.00.



Join as a team MEMBER

  1. Go to and click the 'Join' link.  Join a team
  2. Sign Up! using your email address or with a Google or Facebook account.
  3. Join Your Team! 
    1. Go to the 'Organizations' option.
    2. Search for 'ECO UU 2020'
    3. Find your Team and enter the password provided by your team leader OR join the 'Open Team'
  4. Invite a friend!  Email someone to join your team, or click the 'Skip For now' option.
  5. Choose An Action!  Select an Eco-Challenge from on e of the themes to start a challenge or to save for later.
  6. Watch Video:  Go to your Dashboard to watch a short introductory video to learn how the site works.

Join as a team LEADER

  1. Go to and click Join
  2. Sign up using your Email or join with Google or Facebook.
  3. Choose Create Your Own Team to get started!
  4. Customize your Team, then click Create Team
    1. Choose a Team name and add a Team image!
    2. Put: ECO UU 2020 as your organization
    3. Choose a password for your Team or leave blank.
    4. Put your Start and End dates as 4/19/20 - 12/31/20
  5. Invite others to be on your Team! Email someone asking them to join your Team, or choose Skip For Now.
  6. Choose your first Eco-Challenge! Select an action from one of the themes and get started!
  7. Learn the basics of how the site works by watching a short introductory video. Be sure that you can do all of the following:
    1. Complete one Eco-Challenge to earn points (An easy one to begin with is ‘Conduct Virtual Meetings’ under ‘Transportation’)
    2. Challenge another Team within the ECO UU 2020 organization.
    3. Find the Organization Impact page
    4. Share an update on your Team feed and Organization feed



Here are a few easy Eco-Challenges to get started:


Future suggested Eco-Challenges will be sent out weekly throughout the project.


What is the Drawdown Eco-Challenge

Project Drawdown was launched to find the 100 most viable global climate change solutions and share them with the world.

Each solution comes with special actions, or 'Eco-Challenges', that everyday people like you can take on!  Read more...


About Harley Pinto

Harley is an Eagle Scout Candidate with Troop 167, Pittsford, New York, Seneca Waterways Council and is a lifelong UU.  

"My Eagle Project was built to inspire people towards Climate Action by Educating them on issues surrounding Climate Change, spreading Awareness of what they can do to help, and Empowering them to do it!"  ~ Harley

Need more informaiton, contact Harley at




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