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Here, at, you'll find resources and ideas to help your Scout Unit provide a superior program for your members.


our vision... that all scouts will internalize the Scouting Spirit and find joy in helping others reach that goal.

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The world has been handed a big challenge with the new COVID-19 outbreak... how do we continue to function when the world is locking down everything to slow the spread?

In this series of articles we are building, we provide ideas on how to Scout... remotely.

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Remote Scouting Articles...


We've organized the resources into the following categories so you can easily find your units next adventure.


Latest Articles

Neckerchief Suppliers
Gear & More

Neckerchief Suppliers

The neckerchief is the most distiguishing element to creating a troop's identity.  Here are some great suppliers of quality neckerchiefs. (Note: this is not a paid endoreseemnt.)

ILST - What is it?

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops

ILST - What is it?

ILST was a topic presented by my troop's boy leaders at our district round table.  The goal was to introduce other unit leaders to what this training was about, why their unit should consider running this training for their Scouts and how to have a successful course.

In this post, we share the presentation geared toward a round table as well as our troop's powerpont that our Scouts use for the course.


Camping and Hiking

Bristol Hills Trail Hike

This trail winds over 50 miles from Ontario Park through Naples to Mitchellsville, nY

Bristol Hills Trail Hike

The Bristol Hills Trail is a branch trail of the 900+ mile Finger Lakes Trail System. The trail winds over 50 miles from its northern terminus at Ontario County Park, through Naples, NY and on to it's southern terminus at the main Finger Lakes Trail / North Country Trail near Mitchellsville, NY.

Scout Brigade of Fort George

Re-enact the War of 1812

Scout Brigade of Fort George

Join Scouts for U.S. and Canada to re-enact the war of 1812.  Learn to drill like the soldiers of 1812, "Raid and pillage" the town of  Niagara-on-the-lake, and a giant cap gun fight to capture the opposing forces flag.


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