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Planning a Fishing Fun Day for Senior Living Centers!

Planning a Fishing Fun Day for Senior Living Centers!
Deaf Scouter
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Planning a Fishing Fun Day for Senior Living Centers!

community service project hours

An idea in planning for a Senior Living Center....
a day of fishing fun yet letting the Youth Leaders (meaning Scouts) in your troop put it all together from start to finish while counting it as a community service project hours!

A Scout is thrifty so one can pass the materials down the line to another troop  while utilizing their leadership skills to teach them the ropes!

FYI... Many Senior Living Centers would welcome Scouts planning activities for their residents to have some fun and Scouts are GREAT in thinking outside the box, especially with creativity.

The back story on this Facebook posting:  One of my college friends has her mother living in Creekwood, a Senior Living Place in and during COVID there were many restrictions in place with limited staff so this fishing activity was a HUGE hit with the residents!  The pictures really show how much FUN they had!  The Facebook post  and comments has quite a few 'telling' details of how it all came to be and what you might need to consider when planning such an activity day...*winka

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